What is a Blog?

There are times when people ask me what is my profession?

When I answer that I am a blogger and I do blogging, they put the another question.

What is Blog? or What is Blogging?

There are still more than 70% people in India who do know what is a blog?

Even If I answer them that I work on my own website where I write, publish, promote and make money, they start thinking that I am a web designer. Well I am web designer also. 

But at no point they get any idea about what a blog is?

If you are also one of those who is looking for the answer of this same question on social media or on searching on Google about the meaning of blog, then this post is definitely for you.

So today I am going to make things clear for you that what is a blog and why it is not a website? 


What are the common differences between a blog and a website?

What is a Blog?

What is a Blog? : Award Winning Blogger
What is a Blog? : Award Winning Blogger
According to WikiPedia, Blog is an informational site or you can even say a discussion site which is live on the world wide web consisting of displayed in reverse chronological order.

To make it more simple for you:

A blog is any site where the creator or his team write about the various topics related to that blog. You will usually see the latest post on the top of the blog and the older posts in reverse order.

So now I believe you have and idea about what is a blog, or you can check eAskme.com. Which is a really popular blog.

Features of a Blog:

1) Informational
2) Engaging
3) Socially shareable
4) Commenting available
5) Can be hobby or profession

Basic difference between website and blog:

Common difference between website and blog : Award Winning Blogger

Now you see, there is no signup option for you, as blogs usually do not have such options, they are for information purpose and to make people aware about various things. 

Blogs are always informational, there can be video blogs, text blogs and mix of both also. 

Blogs are the part of websites where they educate people about the products of service company offers.

Final Words:

I believe now you have a good idea about what a blog is. Now as you understand the term blog, in next article I will talk about the blogging and it`s benefits.

If You still have any question, feel free to ask via comments. Don`t forget to share what you like with your friends on social networks.

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